Would you like to study the Bible at Home?

​We have three separate Bible study courses that are offered free of charge. Right now they are only available through conventional mail. Yes, yes . . . very old school, but we hope soon to make these and other courses available electronically. In the meantime we will mail the lessons directly to you (and pay postage) so that you can study in the privacy of your own home. This is a wonderful way to increase your understanding of God and the Bible, all on a schedule that you create! Call or email us with your name and address to get started.

​                                                                                    OR

​If you have an interest in meeting some of us personally we would be happy to arrange a Bible study with you at the time and place of your choice. We have had Bible studies with people in their homes, at fast food restaurants; in libraries, parks, and other public places. Or perhaps you would like to do this using email, or some other electronic medium. Whatever your desire, contact us by phone or by email and we can proceed from there. Our interest is in God’s Word, and we want to make discussing it as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

    Personal Bible Study